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Accessing abandoned cart information

Hello, My agency manages several Commerce7 accounts, and we are doing some research on the possibilities of developing a custom C7 integration application that sends abandoned cart information to Salesforce, a third-party marketing platform. I understand this is possible, as I've seen that there are existing integrations for abandoned carts and Mailchimp. I am looking for some clarity on where abandoned cart data might live and how I can access that information via the API. From the documentation, it looks as though abandoned cart information would potentially be stored within the tenant's Cart object, but any guidance anyone can offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Add script tags

Hey. How can I add script tag (javascript) to all storefront pages via API? Thanks.

Event Handlers

I need to send shipping info to AvaTax for their shipping verification endpoint on user purchase, but I don't see any event handlers in the API. Does this feature exist?

API: Add Manual Tag to Order

Can a Manual Type tag be added to an Order through the API? It can be done through the UI.

Translated Fields?

I'm trying to make an update request on a customer and get the following error back: {\"field\":\"address\",\"translatedField\":\"Address\",\"message\":\"required\"} I'm specifically wondering what translatedField means in this error? Body of the request is as follows: {\"id\":\"a261ebeb-fc43-402b-8ea2-534e75ab2ac1\",\"emails\":[{\"email\":\"[email protected]\"}],\"phones\":[{\"phone\":\"+642066536537\"}],\"firstName\":\"Bob\",\"lastName\":\"Saget\",\"birthDate\":\"1987-05-23\",\"emailMarketingStatus\":null,\"city\":\"Ponsonby\",\"stateCode\":\"Auckland\",\"countryCode\":\"NZ\",\"zipCode\":\"1021\"} Thanks for your time and help

Bulk Update Webhook

Good afternoon, I'm currently implementing a bulk update webhook usint commerce7. When it's called, the only object in the payload is callback url that looks like: https://api.commerce7.com/v1/customer?tagId=e145432d-06e5-4705-9a88-0d948710f46c&cursor=start I was wondering if you had any further documentation on this feature? Thanks, and have a good day!

Consultant field on a customer PUT request

Hello, I am currently working with your API and am running into some trouble when trying to call a PUT request on a customer, specifically, I'm getting back: {"statusCode":422, "type":"validationError", "message":"One or more elements is missing or invalid", "errors":[{"field":"metaData.consultant","message":"required"}]} I'm perplexed as in the documentation I don't see anything about meta data for consultant being required? Thanks for your time and help.

How do I bulk import customers via API?

Hello. I am using POSTMAN and have a working JSON file that can upload our customers to Commerce7. I have confirmed the JSON code is valid, but it will not post to your system if I add more than one customer at a time. Can you please have someone contact me to help get this resolved. I have 1000 customers to import and it's not reasonable to do this one at a time. I can post the JSON code to show what I'm doing. Again, if I add more than one customer code block to post to https://api.commerce7.com/V1/customer, I get the following error: { "statusCode": 422, "type": "validationError", "message": "One or more elements is missing or invalid", "errors": [ { "field": "", "message": "must be a object" } ] }

Subscribe widget thank you message

I'm am using the subscribe widget as documented here: https://github.com/Commerce7/Design-Integration/wiki/01.-Widgets#subscribe-form-anywhere-on-your-site Is there a way to update the thank you message that is displayed when submitting? thanks

Can Commerce7's eCommerce handle event tickets?

We have a winery client who wants to sell tickets to their events; is this possible with Commerce7? I.e., could we add a event_date field and use that to sort event tickets?